The sights we are able to see !

I just wanted to start today with some of the beautiful sights we were so fortunate to see on our flight through Indonesia
A map of Indonesia
Our route
Early morning departure from Yogyakarta- 615 am. It all went so incredibly smooth – all on time and clear skies – as we really needed it to be – there are mountains to fly over to start – as well – today is a long flight ( our planned overnight in Lombok was not approved because of there is a G20 Summit happening in Bali happening)and if we ran into any delays it would have been a problem as there a restriction of arriving in East Timor before dark as there are no lights for night landings. All that being said – it all went without a hitch
Beautiful morning landscape
Mount Merapi or Fire Mountain – approximately 28 km outside of Yogyakarta- and – the most active volcano in Indonesia. It is a part of the 500 volcanoes in Indonesia which are spread along the Asia-Pacific islands called the Ring of Fire
For such an active volcanoes it is quite remarkable that thousands of people live on the flanks of the volcanoes with villages as high as 5,577 feet. The mountain is 9,950 feet high.
More mountains in the distance
East Java
Endless rice fields close to Lombok
An incredibly quick turnaround fuel up in Lombok
An island of West Nusa Tenggara
Towering cumulus clouds along the way.
Some incredibly beautiful islands flying into East Nusa Tenggara
It was remarkable how the topography changed along the way
Coming into East Timor – with such calm ocean that comes with the doldrums
Flying into Deli, East Timor. One of the spice islands where Sandle wood is found.
Fuelling up. We had a very nice evening and dinner with Nick and Ruth Hitchins and their 3 boys. They have been with MAF and living here for the past 2 years. It is always such a pleasure to hear the stories of the people we meet in the places we go.
I just took a picture of the map which shows the places in which MAF flies here.
Departing Deli – onward to Darwin, Australia We would have loved to stay here a little longer and explore this – one of the newest country in the world. Maybe next time
Mountains and remote villages of East Timor

Arriving into Darwin – just before the storm. The beautiful beaches of Darwin – which no one dare go – for you take your life into your own hands what with the salt water crocodiles, box jelly fish and stone fish!!!.

We are here for the night and tomorrow we arrive in the final destination – Mareeba.

3 thoughts on “The sights we are able to see !

  1. Love these updates. Beautiful pics allowing me to live vicariously. Safe continues travels to you.

    On Tue, Nov 15, 2022 at 5:22 AM North to South and back again – Bangladesh


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