Flight over northern Australia

The last leg of our journey- Darwin to Mareeba departing the beaches on the coast as I kept a keen eye out the window for crocodiles on the hunt

Initially when we began this ferry the plan was to – as the title of my blog suggests- north to south and back again- to go back to Dhaka and pick up a second caravan on floats and bring it to Australia. Unfortunately because of the delays in the first week – and because of commitments back in Canada – we don’t have the time for the second flight and Chad will be taking that one next week. So I will be signing off on this blog today- until the next time – which will be in late December when we take a caravan to Liberia

Our flight across Australia
Such beautiful landscapes
The colours are always a surprise
The rocks near Gunbalyana which has a population of 1116 people and is close to the sacred spot Awunbarna where there are a significant amount of rock paintings
Arnhem land is a vast wilderness area in northern Australia. It is the home to the Yolngu people. Permits are required to visit here.
An airstrip close to Gove. There are a remarkable number of airstrips that we flew over. Understandably as these communities are accessible by air

The Gove peninsula was significantly involved in defending Australia in WW2

Nhulunby is a town built around a big bauxite mine. Bauxite is a sedimentary rock with a high aluminum content

Landing at the MAF base in Gove

While Dylan fuelled I had the opportunity to talk with a few of the staff about life here. MAF has had a presence here since the 40’s and their work is both in the air and on the ground in supporting families. We would have loved to spend more time – especially when Judy (from MAF) talked about the amazing art gallery. As well her enthusiasm over the music that come from these parts. She said to be sure to check out the band King Stingray!

I always think that vibrant art in a community says something significant about a place.

An example of the art work. Makes me think of the colours of the land we just flew over!
The last bit of land before a two hour flight over water en route. I was told that the next leg of coast was even more spectacular than what we have seen…I can only imagine
First bit of land after over the water
A little cloud activity
The hills before Mareeba
Beautiful crops as we land
And here we are and greeted by MAF

Before I sign off – one more comment on the swimming restrictions here – just because I find it so surprising- and despite the heat and remarkable beaches- NO SWIMMING! I was talking to someone about the restrictions in Darwin- and well – the same thing here.

Not only are there crocodiles and box jellyfish- there are these tiny little critters out to get you!

Thank you so much for joining on this blog.

We just feel so incredibly grateful that we can do these flights and see the world and meet the people and hear the stories and I have the opportunity to write and take the pictures.

I find that when we do these trips – time stretches out – all I really think about is what is in front of us and there is so much to see and learn.

Until the next time…

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