Life is like a box of chocolates – never quite know what a day will give you…

Beautiful morning departure out of Singapore
Singapore feels like another remarkable (very small and yet so big)
Asian country

Singapore (the name meaning lion city) is a sovereign island country and city-state – is about 137 kilometres north of the equator – has the third highest population density in the world (5,637,000 people in an area of 733 square km) It is a country with a very multiethnic population and it has 4 official languages – English, Malay, Standard Chinese and Tamil. Singapore is widely regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. Wow! Not to mention how incredibly clean and organized with some pretty spectacular architecture. All that being said – I read that it is a pretty expensive place to live

So so many ships. I did a little research – and – no kidding – Singapore is home to one of the greatest ports in maritime trade. Is the focal point to some 200 shipping lines with links to more than 600 ports in over 120 countries world wide. It is the busiest port in the world in terms of shipping tonnage.
And here I thought it looked like the game battleship as we flew over:)

Our destination today – Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Our flight plan for today
One of the first Indonesian islands spotted out of the clouds. One of the many – Indonesia is made up of well over 17,000 islands dotted over its archipelago
Some beautiful blues along the way
An atoll – a ring shaped island. As I read, most of the 440 atolls in the world are in the Pacific Ocean.
A lot of the flight was over – or in – the clouds
And a little view from within the aircraft. As you can see on the weather radar – got a little rocked and tightened up the seatbelts:). But all part of the flying over the doldrums
Mount Cereme – a stratovolcano and the highest point of West Java.
The island of Java is almost entirely of volcanic origin and has many volcanoes and 45 which are considered active.
The coastline close to Yogyakarta
The fields of Java. I often think what a remarkable quilt fields could inspire
Arrived in the pouring rain and had to wait for about 45 minutes to refuel and the rain to slow down
Dylan refuelling- the airport staff were very helpful and adaptive
Like so many places we go – many surprises – and the airport here sure was! Beautiful, huge and completely empty! It felt like some of the airports in Japan that we travelled through doing ferry trips during Covid!
Brand new airport. We are staying in a brand new beautiful hotel ($50) just outside the airport – so we actually really appreciated the unexpected quiet afternoon – because we are up tomorrow morning very early for a 6 am departure and a long day of flying to East Timor
Before I sign off today I would just like to share such a lovely walk we took in the late afternoon to the village near the hotel
A man high in the tree cutting down coconuts
People are again so incredibly friendly. We stopped at a small shop to buy garbage bags and they didn’t have any so a woman who we had just walked by insisted that I hop on her bike and she would take me to a store.
What is a little funny to me is that yesterday I was going to add in my blog the following picture:
My caption was going to be about my admiration for this woman on the back of a bike in Dhaka – riding side saddle in her beautiful clothes – in Dhaka- and relating my own absolute fear of riding on the back of a motorcycle. Then I had a second thought of why include my biggest fears in here, and then today I didn’t have the choice but to get on
So hence the title of today’s blog – life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what is going to happen in a day 🙂
And another beautiful and brave motorcycle lady

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