10000 feet flying through Asia

Flying for Life is heading south and departing Dhaka

A map showing the journey from Bangladesh to Australia

A map of Bangladesh which I actually should have included earlier – just to get an idea of the country (not to mention the small size of the country – in light of a population of 166 million people.

To think of this – a country of 166 million people – a country so small in size and yet sustains so many lives – a country which has fertile soil but also a country vulnerable to natural disaster – and despite the chaos one feels when they first come here- my goodness – such respect and admiration for the people of Bangladesh and their adaptability and resilience and kindness (we were received with such hospitality)

Flying over the beautiful mountains of Myanmar –

A remote community – I am always amazed flying over countries and these small places in such a vast land – not a road in sight. I guess it is places like this that the work of MAF was first inspired – to provide connection and access

High mountains – flying at 11000 feet
Land around Yangon
Dylan fuelling the plane

We weren’t allowed to turn the aircraft around on the tarmac so the airport staff pushed the plane into place.

Again – another country with such kind reception. We were able to stop in Myanmar for a couple nights a few years ago while on a ferry flight. We happened to come – to our surprise – during the water festival – it felt like the country stopped for a three day water fight!

I would just love to share a few pictures from that time:

These are just a couple of my favourite travel pictures – it was just such a surprise this festival

Flying over Yangon and a large pagoda. Myanmar is known for its pagodas. Pagodas are stupas that typically house Buddhist relics and are all over Myanmar’s landscape.

Beautiful coastline of Myanmar
Flying close to Hat Yai, Thailand

Hot and pouring rain when we stopped in Hat Yai for the night. This morning – another early wake up and back to the airport – en route today to Singapore and Indonesia.


City of Kula lumpur in Malaysia – looking close into the clouds in the picture above you can see the tallest building in Malaysia, Merdeka at 644 meters

The Johore Strait that divides Singapore and Malaysia – in 1965 Singapore separated from Malaysia
The city country of Singpore

We landed in Singapore and checked the weather for our next leg in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Right through our flight path was a very large thunderstorm system called the doldrums The doldrums – as the mood suggests – tend to linger around. – so we decided to stay in Singapore and depart tomorrow morning.

It rained for most of the day here – but cleared up in the evening so we went for a walk on the river walk – the famous ship on the towers in the background,

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  1. Great to see the shot of Kuala Lumpur, Val. I was born there and lived there until I was 11. A lovely place but I’m sure absolutely unrecognizable now.


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