Flight test completed and now we wait…

S2-AEC – the Caravan on floats – on the ramp awaiting the flight test
Dylan and Chad Tilley preparing for the flight . Chad has worked in Bangladesh for MAF for the past 18 years
Dhaka Airport

For the test flight we flew a 27 mile circuit out of Dhaka and back again. The following are some sights from the flight.

We had a beautiful clear day to fly and because it was Saturday, the normally very busy airport – was not so busy and we were able to take off and depart without the normal delay, and test fly both Caravans.

The wet land outside Dhaka – a month after the Monsoons
Back on the ground
MAF Bangladesh team
Sunset near the train station – close to where we are staying – we went for a fantastic walk at the end of the day.
City of Rickshaws
The remarkable comings and goings in a nearby market
A really great market with winding streets, shops and loads of rickshaws!

We are looking forward to having a bit of time to explore more while we wait on the export C of A before we can depart. As so often with flying it seems the commonly used slogan – hurry up and wait – is universal!

2 thoughts on “Flight test completed and now we wait…

  1. That market reminds me of Canadian Tire!

    Or NOT!

    Thanks for sharing your journey !

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