An interesting day in Dhaka of meeting up with old friends and acquaintances

As we are waiting for the export C of A paperwork before we can depart we started the day meeting up with Deepak Dhoj Khadka at iDE for a great cup of coffee and a good visit. We met Deepak 3 years ago when we were in Dhaka and were connected through a friend in Winnipeg who also works for iDE. A very inspiring organization that supports change in countries by powering entrepreneurs in local communities.

Later in the day we went on a great walk to see an old friend who happened to just fly into Dhaka for the night.

I wanted to share with you our walk along the train track – the best route to his hotel
A market by the tracks
We met Gilles close to 20 years ago in Iceland on a ferry trip – Gilles ferries aircraft all over the world for a living
Our adventurous walk back through the market and tracks in the dark
A train blasting by – sheesh gotta pay attention to those trains coming
Another interesting day in Dhaka – the traffic is quite remarkable!

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