Back on the road and in the air…

A pretty common sight in Dhaka. A picture taken in 2020 when we dropped off a Caravan in Bangladesh for MAF

On our way to Dhaka, Bangladesh again.

Arriving in 2020 in Dhaka

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Today we begin on a very long flight – commercial – to Dhaka where we will pick up a Caravan on floats – fly to Australia – back on the airlines pointing north to Dhaka and pick up and fly a second Caravan on floats to Australia.

Over the past number of years doing this adventure of ferrying aircraft for MAF we have come to know that each journey – how the flight comes about – who it is for – the country it comes from and where it is heading – the countries visited en route…the story with each plane is so unique and a joy to share.

So, now we are getting on a plane in Montreal – had my airport poutine – our second of three legs – to Doha – (capital of Qatar) and I will post again when we get to Bangladesh.

The aircraft have gone through the necessary inspections and await a test flight by Dylan and final paper work before we can blast off in a few days.

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