A little bit of Angola before we sign off in this leg of the blog

I guess it wouldn’t be flying in the time of Covid if …

As soon as we landed Wednesday the clinic came and tested us for Covid

Oh my – I thought he was joking when he said we were both positive!!!

Me a little and Dylan a lot. We have had so many tests negative in the past few weeks and we feel great

We were told that the tests are often faulty and so the following morning we were tested again and this time we were both negative. Phew! We all sighed a huge sigh of relief. I have no idea what that would have looked like. News travels fast and everybody at the airport knew that we had had a positive test.

So instead we had a wonderful time with Brent Mudde(program manager for MAF) and his wife and Helena and their three very sweet kids.

Brent took us for a drive into the country side
A canyon that goes down 2000 feet.
Brent told us that during the war – people were shot at these cliffs and fell into the canyon. The kids look for bullet casings here
Incredible view. It was cloud covered when we got there and they opened up for us
San Cristobal in Lubango. The fingers and nose of the Christ figure have been shot off in the war and have been left that way as a reminder of the war
A walk in the city. There are such nice granite sidewalks here! Unlike so many cities we have been in Africa where there is dirt sidewalks and shared with traffic.
Brent drove us on a 3 hour drive to Namibe to catch our flight to Luanda en route home
What a beautiful drive- ever changing landscape
Went through a section with hills of massive boulders
To desert
To a fertile river valley
Our flight out and the city of Namibe
Angola is such an vast and spectacularly beautiful country

Thank you so much for joining along. It has been such a pleasure delivering N861MF.

Gods speed to the MAF program and people. It has been so good hearing about all the work being done here. It’s a fascinating story. It feels as though the work is grounded and shaped by the community and it’s changing and growing needs. There are so many dreams and hopes to come. People are very excited for this Caravan and how it will contribute to their mission. Such a privilege and we are so grateful that we we able to deliver this plane.

Thank you for joining along

Keep well

5 thoughts on “A little bit of Angola before we sign off in this leg of the blog

  1. Bon voyage home . Theses are beautiful memories that you both have shared in your Avistion career and marriage. And in giving back to humanity !
    God speed !
    Victor and Louise


  2. It was such a pleasure to follow you on your voyage and to pray for you each day. Thank you for delivering the new Caravan to Lubango. It is a beautiful place. I had the privilege of being there for the 30, Anniversary which was 3 years ago this May. May you have a wonderful, safe flight home. Blessings for all your future endeavours.


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