Last leg –

The last leg – a beautiful flight over Angola

Our flight- mostly over water until Angola
Leaving Lome
There were so many ships as we departed
We flew over water until we came to the shore of Luanda- capital city of Angola
The landscape of Angola
Beautiful and ever changing
We left land and flew over water along a spectacular shoreline
The weather in Lubango had been very rainy for the past few days. There were concerns that we would need to land at an alternate. The skies cleared only shorty before us arriving.
Breathtaking scenery and met with a rainbow
Our last landing with this Caravan
A warm MAF welcome
A fire truck was there to spray the aircraft coming in to celebrate its arrival
Pushed into place in its new home
WOH (wings of hope)will be replaced with WOL(wings of love)

Wonderful 10 hour flight and we look forward to completing paperwork and seeing a little of Lubango

5 thoughts on “Last leg –

  1. I like the wings of hope to wings of love !!!!
    congratulations to both of you….great satisfaction..
    all the best and safe trip back home….


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