A day in Togo

Togo – West African nation on the Gulf of Guinea and is known for its hilltop villages and palm lined beaches. It’s one of the smallest countries in Africa. In the 18th century it was a major trading centre for purchasing slaves – earning Togo the name “Slave Coast”. After WW 1 rule was transferred from Germany to France. The official language is French. Togo gained independence in 1960.

Independence monument
There is a fantastic market that goes on for many streets
Beautiful beach
Net fishing
Men pulling fishing nets
Catch of the day – squid
A little sea life on the beach
Boat on the beach
wonderful empty beach

Tomorrow- last leg already. It will be a long 9-10 hour leg and we will be up at 4:30 in the morning to make it to our destination in the light.

One thought on “A day in Togo

  1. Been there many moons ago !
    Safe journey to both of you ,
    I noticed Dylan’s cap had the Canadian flag on it !
    Canada stands well in Africa !!

    Best regards
    Victor and Louise


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