Welcome to Togo

A long and good flight today. It was a hazy flight the entire way so unfortunately the pictures are not great.

Watching the sun rise as we waited this morning for the handler and paper work before we could take off

When we fly to various locations in the world we arrange handling so that when we fly in or depart we are met by someone who will help go through customs.

Departing Senegal
Our route today
Landscape in Senegal
Gambia – the smallest county in Africa sits within Senegal
Gambia River- a major river in West Africa. It was windy today and the sand affected the visibility
Labe in Guinea is the place today that I thought to randomly research
Labe- founded in 1755 when Islam was introduced to the region and is a major cultural and religious centre in West Africa. It as well is an important commercial centre in the region

The visibility was poor throughout the flight unfortunately- so I could post some hazy landscape pictures – or – some great cloud shots which I can’t ever resist taking. These are some as we started watching for thunderstorms.

Lome, Togo
Landing in Lome
Fuelling the aircraft- so it is ready for an early 6 am departure on Wednesday morning. Paperwork for our arrival in Angola is set for Wednesday so we will have a day in Togo. We are looking forward to seeing more of this place.

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