Sunday flight along the Sahara

Morning flight out of the Canary Islands
Last glimpse…
Our initial flight plan across Mali. This was changed because of a Notam not allowing any flights over Mali due to growing conflict there
Our actual flight today – and we will complete the second leg tomorrow to Togo
Africa and the Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is the largest sand desert in the world and spans over nearly a third of the African continent

I thought to again take a picture of random place along the route and read up about it later – this is Dakhla in the disputed territory of Western Sahara (currently under Morocco)

Dakhla – a long desert drive destination (500 km from Laayoune and 1000 kn from Agadir) I read that this is a place growing in tourism for kite surfing
The fishing is very good here due to the ocean currents and has a vibrant bird life

The Western Sahara is one of the disputed territories in the world (between Morocco and Mauritania) and is one of the world’s most sparsely populated.

Long, long drives through the Sahara Desert has a history

The Dakar Rally or “The Dakar” was an annual race from 1978 to 2008 from Dakar,Senegal to Paris, France (Senegal was colonized by the French before it’s independence so french is spoken here). The rally was changed in 2008 due to the security threats in Mauritania.

Flying into Senegal
Dakar, Senegal
Landing at the Dakar airport

I was talking with the fueller at the airport and he asked how many languages I spoke coming from Canada (1) he speaks 4. Travelling – I am in such respect and awe of the multilingualism in so many places in the world! What a gift and talent that is – talk about making one’s world bigger!

A walk after a long day flying.

The last time Dylan and I were in Dakar 6 years ago – the airport was right in town. That airport is now closed and only open to military. The airport we landed in is a long drive to the city of Dakar – we have an early morning departure – so – we stayed close to the airport. It’s a nice place but we certainly missed the sights and sounds of Dakar

Next stop -Lome,Togo. We have never been there – so – I’m curious what tomorrow will bring…

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