From Portugal to Spain

Arrived from the Portuguese Azores to the Spanish Canary Islands

First glimpse of Fuerteventura

For anyone who knows me – I really resist looking at pictures of places we are going- I love to be surprised:)

Today was no exception. I was surprised at the landscape of the island- anyone who has never been- what would you think the Canary Islands would look like? I will keep you in suspense and will share in a little bit:)

Departing the beautiful Azores
A ship shortly after departing

We flew over a ship – from a distance it looked to have some smoke- thinking about the ship travelling from Germany that caught fire by an island in the Azores on Wednesday (carrying 4000 vehicles- including Porsches, Audis and Bentleys) we flew by. It wasn’t that ship.

Our route today
Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands

I was surprised by the sand. The landscape reminds me of flying over Egypt.

Another surprise is the name – Canary- thinking a bird- rather the origin comes from a Latin name meaning “Islands of the Dogs” because of the vast multitude of very large dogs that were on the island.

Our descent in. Tomorrow Africa

4 thoughts on “From Portugal to Spain

  1. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and descriptions of your journey. We have been praying for your safety and the goal of getting this plane to Angola for the ministry of the Gospel and medical outreach in that country. I have also shared with our children and grandchildren.
    Blessings on your efforts!
    Art Krahn, Prairie Bible College,


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