Covid free and down the Aleutians

Having breakfast on the beach waiting for the rapid nasal pharyngeal covid test
Covid free and blasting off in light rain

Folks are so friendly in Homer

Shortly after getting in the air there was a call on the radio regarding the colour of a raft that 2 Hercules were searching for in the Homer area – oh boy – such cold waters

Volcano in the distance and Augustine Island
Avoiding some clouds
Little community of Ergit
Flying over beautiful island of Unimak – the largest island in the Aleutians and home to Mt Shishaldin – one of the 10 most active volcanos in the world – population of around 65
The shoreline
Volcanoes in the distance
Up close
Time lapse video of the second volcano – 12000 ft and is smoking
Wow – I don’t know if this is Mt Shishaldin
An unpopulated island except for a few airport employees and a herd of undomesticated cows and a couple horses
Time lapse video of Akun
Flying into Dutch Harbour
Airstrip in Dutch Harbour
Mountains surrounding the airport
Fuelling up
Departing Dutch Harbour en route to Adak
Beautiful flight out of Dutch Harbour
Spectacular island
Back above the clouds towards Adak.

About an hour and a half out – we received the report that the weather was deteriorating in Adak – a mile and a half visibility and trending downward and alternates were not great so we made the decision to turn back to Dutch Harbour for the night

More volcanoes en route
Dutch Harbour from a new angle
Landing back in Dutch Harbour

Long and interesting day! Tomorrow we will be up early and hopefully the weather will be better and we will fly to Adak, Russia and Japan!

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