Boats, boats and more boats of Alaska!

Just a few shots from our walk to the airport

Thinking about the vast rugged terrain of Alaska – float planes and boats make a lot of sense.

What a charming town with a big history. On our way to the airport we walked by some sites which explained a bit of the past of this town. James Michener lived here while writing his book Alaska and I see his characters come alive.

Last year we were visiting friends who have lodges in and around Churchill (Churchill Wild – Seal River and Nanuk – another northern spot of unbelievable beauty which I highly recommend checking out!)

If it’s okay – I just want to share this moment of this remarkable place!

When we come to the far north I get blown away by history in a way I never did in junior high:)

At a similar time in other places – ships filled with sailors and explorers of world empires were coming to remote spots in the north – they were witnessing the fortitude of the indigenous peoples who lived and made a life – and began building their empire.

So similar the occurrences in different spots of the north – the fur trade, the coming together of vastly different worlds and cultures and the establishment of fancy forts with everything including ball rooms and fancy cutlery.

We flew to York Factory and visited the very remote location where the Hudson’s Bay was established. The buildings and the life style reminds me of Sitka

York Factory, on the Hudson’s Bay Manitoba,Canada
The sea otter pelts of Alaska and the beaver pelts in Canada
Hudson’s Bay Company
Russian American Company
Back to the castle in Sitka
A guard left at the castle
Russian church
View at end of the runway
Beautiful volcano – Mt Edgecumbe
On our previous flight up the Alaskan coast- flying over this volcano was a highlight

The “Guardian” claims that one of the top ten April fools jokes happened here. In 1974, a guy by the name of Oliver Porky Bicker set on fire 70 tires and fooled the folks of Sitka that it was erupting! He wrote in 50ft letters- April Fools!

Our descent into Homer
A couple weeks ago- such a treat to fly in a cloudless sky!
Another interesting walk from the airport. This must be Alaska!

A night in Homer and tomorrow morning a rapid nasal pharyngeal test and off to Adak

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