Clear skies and tailwinds – what a gift to be up and away!

Happy Mother’s Day all!

This proud mom can’t help but include a shot of my 2 kids O’Danis and Isaiah
The Caravan is fully fuelled and set and ready to go.

So we feel so fortunate – one week later – to be in the skies again. N767MF is on its way for MAF I to Australia. (If anyone happened to catch the invasion of cockatoos last week in Australia- that’s where this Caravan is going – actually it’s a little ways from the birds!). The surprising creatures of Australia never cease to amaze me! We’ve been to Australia on a few different ferry flights – every time we are blown away by the stories of animal encounters – everything tries to kill you is the common motto- from salt water crocodiles who prey on beach goers to snakes that leap out at you while camping to those slow moving seemingly harmless box jellyfish who cause such excruciating pain and death! These birds might be a refreshing change despite the incredible mess they must have left. (Actually I just googled the bird – they are super smart and really destructive).

Any rate – today we are going to Alaska (which as we all know have their own plethora of stories and adventure)

However – today we fly the prairies of Canada before we fly the mountain highway of Alaska and Russia and Japan and the vast Pacific Ocean
Close to Lake Manitou in Saskatchewan

The properties of the water in this lake are very similar to the rejuvenating and buoyant waters of the Dead Sea in Jordan – oh the hidden and surprising gems of Saskatchewan!

Remote ranch outside of Tofield Alberta
Flying high with oxygen – due to clouds we flew at 16000 to 18000 much of our flight until Alaska
Coming out of the clouds and landing in Ketchikan for customs and fuel
Our flight from Ketchikan to Sitka. Such a breathtaking flight
The first islands were lush and dense tree covered
Across the water the mountains completely changed – rugged snow covered
A series of shots
Again- change in landscape
Beautiful rugged waters
On the ground- long and great day of flying
5 km walk to the hotel in Sitka

The land area of Sitka is 12,461 square miles so is the largest city land-borough in the US.

Sitka was under Russian rule from 1799 to 1867 and was the capital of Russian America. It was initially settled by the Tlingit people thousands of years ago. There were hard fought battles in this time between these peoples in the early 1800’s. In 1867 Alaska was transferred to America and it is here that it was officiated. The seat of government was in Sitka until 1906 when it transferred to Juneau with its gain of population in the Klondike gold rush.

Tomorrow off to Homer for yet more dreaded covid tests to get permission to fly to Japan

8 thoughts on “Clear skies and tailwinds – what a gift to be up and away!

  1. my dear Fast friends four this post has made my day! THANK YOU for writing and sending : ) and oh yes, thank you too for making another ferry flight for MAF ; you’ve got to know how my heart dropped and tears welled when I read you were flying to Oz, home to my wee grandson Will who, as you know, I’ve yet to meet since his arrival into this world on June 28 I wonder if you’ll be going to Melbourne … Val I sent you an email yesterday with photos of Will and crisp fall leaves Renée sent me the previous day; perhaps you can blow Will and Renée kisses from me as you near the skies above Oz cuz even the distance your kisses must travel to touch their cheeks will be a fraction of the distance mine must travel to reach them, both in spce and time : ( THANKS! and how cool is that that your kids are with you and dylan for this trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Colleen. Such a sweet boy your grandson is! Must be so hard not to see him.
      Oh – and our kids didn’t come with us / I just threw a picture in cuz it was Mother’s Day:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. aha : ) And yesterday as Len, Nicholas and I were enjoying a walk together, I discovered that Isaiah now owns a house on Walnut! Good on that boy of yours : )


  2. Another beautiful day of flying. Prayers and love as your adventure continues. Your pictures are terrific and inspiring! Thanks for sharing with us. It is the only travel I get to experience theses days.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh…Happy mothers day…you owsome God’s creation…you r a great Mother and a good friend…God bless there rest of ur lives blessed family and blessers too…if u stop by Addis airpool my nieces….Love you


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