Long flight across the Pacific

Up at 430 this morning to make our 7am departure

The airport – like so many airports in the world right now – a ghost town – so big and empty – no people except some employees – there have been few flights since covid.

Our flight across Japan to Sendai

Landscape along the way

I’ve never realized so many volcanoes

Dylan fuelling up the ferry tanks one last time. Flying with ferry tanks allows the plane to refuel en route. It’s important when refueling in flight to set a timer to remember to check the gauge. So easy to forget! When we were ferrying a plane from Australia a few years ago we were told the story by a mechanic there of a friend of his – who when flying over the Pacific to Hawaii had forgotten to stop his re fueling and pumped all his fuel out of his plane! He landed at night – in the ocean- with rescue boats waiting. Sheesh

Love these fancy Japanese toilets that are literally everywhere!
Aviator buffs taking pictures of our take off
Mount Fuji and flying over Tokyo
Long leg – 10 hours
The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean means peaceful sea in Spanish. It is the largest and deepest of the earths oceans (twice as big as the Atlantic). It’s average depth is 13,000 feet and reaching 35,797 at Mariana’s Trench).

The Pacific stirs up some of the strongest hurricanes due to its warm waters. Something I learned reading up on storms is that hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones are just different names for the same weather pattern – depending where it is occurring.

We’ve been keeping watch on the current hurricane – Surigae in these waters – thinking we may be delayed in Japan- but it wasn’t in our path and flew with both tailwinds and headwinds

Some islands en route
Lots of overcast skies
The clouds cleared a few hours before Guam
The sun set and we saw the stars and the moon on our flight into Guam. It was a long leg but I just get such a sense of awe flying above the earth and waters like this

3 thoughts on “Long flight across the Pacific

  1. It’s starting to be something I look forward to during my day 🙂 reading your posts and seeing your photos. (Arm chair traveller surely!!).
    Question: did you use the music button on the toilet!??! How civilized !
    Such beautiful shots of sky, land and water. You are the lucky ones right now. You are also the brave ones, the tenacious ones.
    Love and prayers,


  2. We so enjoy following your progress on your blog. Val, your photos are awesome and your commentary is so interesting. Jack was briefly qualified on a KingAir 100 and is familiar with the PW PT-6. He says if he was doing such long flights over the briny that’s the fan he’d want.
    We pray you’ll have a safe flight to destination.
    Jack & Wilma Falk


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