Flying the North Pacific- Adak to Russia to Japan

Departure from Adak at sun rise
Snow covered volcano along the Aleutian chain
More volcanos in the clouds. I was thinking there are many shades of white- some are pretty soft and others pretty hard
If you look very closely you can see some smoke coming out of one of these distant volcanos – there was a segment issued for an active volcano that we needed to fly around- Semisopochnoi Volcano
The last islands of the Aleutians – onward to Russia
Shadow of the Kodiak in the cloud cover – which remained until the Kamchatka

It was interesting- as we flew today I was reading the book Alaska by James Michener – the stories were all about Russian explorers and fur traders doing this exact route in the mid 1700’s

The Kamchatka Peninsula

127 volcanoes here with 27 still alive

The city of Petropavlovsk- Kamchatka (city of Peter and Paul)
Landing in Petropavlovsk
Following the “follow me” car to the airport

People were all very friendly at the airport- the only problem happened when because of covid- they said we weren’t allowed to use the bathrooms! After a 6 hour flight – Dylan pleaded and we were finally given a bus ride to the terminal:)

Bunkers from the Cold War. Interesting to come from the Aleutians and their Cold War bunkers to these ones in Russia
More snow covered mountains. We were told that we got a beautiful day. It is usually cloudy and windy and rainy here
Flying towards the coast en route to Japan
Russian coastline
The Japanese coastline
Our route today
Mountains of northern Japan

And ending our day in Chitose , Japan (close to Sapporo) Next leg Guam

Oh customs in Japan- our covid test was accepted- we did another test on arrival and numerous stops along the way to show identification and be checked. Took about 3 hours. No one else but employees at the airport. At one point we were the example passengers for a group of trainees.

2 thoughts on “Flying the North Pacific- Adak to Russia to Japan

  1. Love reading your blog and seeing your progress. Sure glad you had a “follow me car”, too funny, they do that all the time on that side of the world, even if it is clear and there is little possiblity of getting lost.


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