Passing on the Kodiak

Passing on the Kodiak

The final leg of N190KQ to Sentani is being done by pilots from MAF from Sentani- Dave Ringenberg and John Boogaard. We tried to get visas to Indonesia for us to complete this trip to Indonesia but it was proving to be very difficult so they flew to Guam to meet up and fly from here.

We didn’t make it to Sentani this time- but I will post a couple of short videos of the amazing flights these pilots do out there. Mike Brown a pilot from Sentani took us along on one of his flights a few years ago. The Kodiak is a perfect aircraft for this part of the world and the crazy places they land on sides of mountains!

The Kodiak plans to go to its new home today after a 7 and a half hour leg.

I will post later this week when Dylan and I will go to Kansas to pick up a Caravan and fly it back to Winnipeg to begin the next ferry flight to Australia for MAF international.

4 thoughts on “Passing on the Kodiak

  1. Congratulations on a safe flight completed! Beautiful weather and all in good time. Thanks for sharing your blog Val . Safe travels home. ❤️✈️🗺🗿🌌


  2. That take-off, wow! Not so much a lift-off as hoping you have enough speed when the runway ends at the edge of the mountain!


  3. thank you for sharing a wonderful journey and experience….quite a journey..for a great purpose…


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