A day in Homer getting a Covid test

Walking to town

The plan today had been to fly to Adak- get a Covid test so we could continue on to Japan. We discovered as we confirmed our test for tomorrow that we had misinformation and in fact they did not have the needed test.

So good that we had landed in Homer as the hospital said that they could do a rapid test for us. They were incredibly helpful and friendly.

We spent much of the afternoon walking to the hospital to get the test done.

Sightings on the way to Homer along the Spit

The Spit which extends into the ocean from the town of Homer
So many boats in Homer!
Halibut fishing capital of the world
Boats old and new- big and small
The bald eagle – the well known American bird- is more abundant in Alaska than anywhere in the U.S.

Covid test done- flying down the Aleutians tomorrow and to the fascinating island of Adak.

Clouding over as the sun sets late in the north

2 thoughts on “A day in Homer getting a Covid test

  1. Hi Dylan and wife (co pilot)
    I guess the COVID pandemic
    Is every where and we just have to adapt to what’s required!? That’s a beautiful journey and quite an experience at the top end of the globe!
    Dylan, how much fuel do you carry on this kodiak?
    What’s the max range ?
    Any more “Burping events”??
    All the best , safe journey!


    1. Hi Dylan and his co-pilot wife, just a note to let you wonderful adventurers, that all still is well in the Peg. I spent 4 wonderful days Halibut fishing in Homer, in my younger days, snagging one that was 160 lbs. That was very memorable to me, to see that harbor again !!
      Edna and I came home on April 19, Falcon Field, Mesa, to Grand Forks, met my new pilot, along with Kevin,
      we took minimum luggage, as we had to take a taxi from GF to Wpg., while my jet goes home empty–had our covid tests at the border, and did our 14 days of isolation–(prison) and now free to go out again. All is well at WGI, staff all at home on remote. I have some friends in Aussie, in a backwoods place called Wharminda, about 40km north of Port Lincoln. They have a large grain and sheep farm there. If you fly over that area, salute the wings for me— Dylan , make sure that gas gauge is working this time—God Bless, and stay healthy!
      Russ and Edna Edwards

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