Covid testing in Homer

So as often when ferrying airplanes – plans change and we readjust. We were planning on flying to Adak today but woke up to an email from the handler in Japan asking for a different covid test format as requirements in Japan have become more stringent and if it isn’t exact- we risk being turned back. Considering the 15 hour flight back to Adak if rejected – it’s wise to be cautious!

The day was taken up by the search of who in Alaska could do the test, which test, where it would be tested and most important how fast we can get it back.

In Homer it is a typical 48hour at the best return which would make it difficult to get to Japan in the required 72 hours.

Again – the people in Homer were so helpful and went the extra mile – 3 covid tests in 24 hours – (all negative:) 2 nasopharyngeal swabs – tender noses.

We now have exactly what is needed for Japan and off we go!

Tomorrow Adak

Flying in the time of covid…

A little bit of Alpenglow

3 thoughts on “Covid testing in Homer

  1. Appreciate flying vicariously with you. Wishing you a great trip and God’s guidance and protection. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


  2. So glad you were able to head off that problem. Maybe the next delay will be waiting for the remnants of Typhoon Surigae, but I’m sure you have been watching that. Ck the Joint Typhoon Warning Center
    check the TC warning graphic, but I’m sure this is all unnecessary as you are well aware.
    Safe, stress free travels to you both.


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