Holding fast to the breathtaking Alaskan coast, following the sun and the wind at our back

A lake at the start of our flight out of Ketchikan which gave a hint as to how the flight would go

As we have been hearing- we have picked perfect time to fly the coast- the nicest few days in the past year. The plan was to go to Kodiak but we rerouted and followed the sun and good weather to Homer instead

Alaska- largest state in the US, land of mountains and has more coastline than the rest of the U.S. combined (more than 34,000 miles).

Such a brilliant flight today and I will need to restrain myself with the number of pictures I will post.

An old volcano off the coast of Sitka
Flying by
So many colours along the coast
The changing coastline
The glaciers begin

Alaska has about 100,000 glaciers

Coastline close to Yukutat

Yukutat, the name means canoe and is close to the Situk river, one of the most productive salmon and steelhead rivers in the world

Map of the coast
If you look closely you can see buildings which may be a lodge
Found some beach to fly along
Then shortly after an ice beach scattered with massive ice boulders
The colours are amazing
What a view
Back to ice covered mountains

Homer for the night

What a spectacular day. The pictures say it all!

8 thoughts on “Holding fast to the breathtaking Alaskan coast, following the sun and the wind at our back

  1. Good Morning AviatorsI have been interested in planes from a young age when WWII Harvard training planes were flying over our farm at Glenlea. When Flight Sims became available on computer I soon was hooked and have spent many many hours flying many different planes all over the world. When Harold mention to me that you were on another Mission trip and that your progress could be tracked I was on it. He said that the plane you were flying was a Kodiak which is similar to a Caravan, I fired up my sim and am virtually your wingman on a Caravan (use your imagination). Actually I landed in Homer before you did. Fortunately I don’t have to spend the same hours in the cockpit that you do as I can warp up my speed in the air up to 8X actual. I don’t have the latest sim so my views are not the quality of your beautiful shots. Thanks for those.With Covid I have more than enough time to fly virtually with you.Our wish and prayer is that we will both be landing safely at the final destination.CheersTed

    Ted & Lily Barg 102 Marshall Cres. Winnipeg, MB R3T 0R4

    Phone: Home 204-287-8327 Cell 204-771-9062


  2. Fantastic – your pictures are beautiful!!
    I’m sure you are tempted to descend at times to see a Volcano close up. I know I would be.
    Safe travels.


  3. Spectacular sights. If they are such amazing captures, I can only imagine how breathtaking they would be in person. Each photo took my breath away as I imagined you flying over and basking in the absolute splendour of the views. I look forward to your next set of photos from your adventure.
    Safe travels. Let’s take a walk and catch up once you get home.


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