Japan to Guam

Preparing for a long leg over the Pacific – Dylan fuelling the 3rd ferry tank

The day began not sure exactly where we would be at the end up. We came into Chitose last evening exhausted and the forecast outlook poor . The day started in fog but cleared up beautifully.

If the weather would not have been good we would have needed to quarantine in our hotel until we left. The leg to Guam is long(12 hours) and so we would need good weather and winds to go without an extra fuel stop. To arrange an extra fuel stop in Japan would take could take a few days and we would need to get another covid test. So needless to say – we were very happy to be off again in very good weather.

The president’s plane
The green mountains of Japan Mostly clouds over Japan today
A Japanese island volcano that we flew over with a brilliant crater in the centre
It was massive
An island close to Iwo Jima
Iwo Jima is under these clouds. So often flying in the Pacific- the ocean is clear and the islands covered in clouds. If you look closely you can see the tip of the island
Iwo Jima is the location of this famous WW 2 picture
The calm Pacific Ocean
Beautiful clouds
One more sunset shot to end this journey for us

N676MF is now in Guam – the final destination is Australia- where it will eventually go to Papua New Guinea. Because Covid makes it very complicated for us to fly there, 2 pilots from MAF- are coming here in a few days to fly it home.

Back to clean up our stuff from the Caravan and waiting for the rain to stop (plane in the background)
This King Air was in the hangar in Guam. We delivered this plane for MAF a few years ago when it was based in Afghanistan and sold to Samaritans Purse in the States. It recently was donated to PMA – a mission organization in Yap. We met Amos Collins and his family who run PMA in Yap a few years ago when we went through on a different flight. Oh my what a small world

A fantastic trip this has been – prairies- mountains- islands-volcanoes and oceans – the striking and ever changing landscape of this world we live in and we get to fly over. Sheesh- what a privilege!

This brand new plane started with 9.7 hours on it when we picked it up in Wichita and now has 61.4.

Our next – “Flying in the time of Covid” will likely happen this summer- when we deliver a plane for MAF to the Congo.

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