The cold and harsh Atlantic

Beside our Caravan. It was busy here all night with search and rescue for the missing Spanish fishermen

It was a harsh cold wind this morning with blowing snow. I read this morning that the search for lost fishermen was not hopeful – made much worse with the cold rugged water. 30 feet waves and 45 knot winds.

There really are so few words in response to tragedy such as this – but being close to the water – I feel a small sense of how incredibly big (I literally have no other word) this would have been.

Just before takeoff.

Before departing we put on dry suits – as we do for any big water crossings. As well – right behind our seats are life jackets and an inflatable raft.

St. John’s, Newfoundland
The last bit of “the rock”
This high up and unpressurized we put on oxygen for flying

Soon into the flight we went up high – over 19000 feet.

The reason we fly this high to get out of the clouds is due to icing. This aircraft has limited de icing equipment – one of the first things I learned when getting my license was – icing is bad for flying – it increases drag and decreases lift. Especially flying an aircraft weighed down with fuel.

Flying high between cloud layers
First island in the Azores- Flores Island

The Azores comprise of 9 volcanic islands that spread over 370 miles

The volcano Pico sticking out of the clouds
Landing in Ponta Delgado
Dylan fuelling the ferry tanks
A quiet street in town.

Upon arrival we we told that there is a no fly zone over Mali due to political unrest. Our route over Africa is affected and so we will be here a few days getting a new route and clearances.

Thanks for joining us today and have a good night.

3 thoughts on “The cold and harsh Atlantic

  1. Glad you’re in the Azores.
    Enjoy your stay and relax !

    Safe onward journey .

    Best regards
    Ps Canada women’s hockey wins Gold .
    Very tight game ..Canada 3 to USA 2 .


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