And we are off…

February 14- happy valentines!

How wonderful it is to fly off with Dylan today – valentines- after 30 years of marriage and doing one of our favourite things together- going on an adventure and flying a plane to the other side of the world!

We are departing in between Manitoba snow storms – a blustery cold day yesterday and another snowstorm on the horizon tomorrow There is just so much snow and minus 30 days in Winnipeg this year!

Our kids and Don Moore- a photographer connected with MAF came to see us off

Wheels up at 1:25 pm – great flight – clear skies and wind at our back – 31 knot tail wind and 205 knot ground speed.

A few years ago I took a picture of a perfect heart lake on a Manitoba farm…

and so I thought for a little bit of a silly challenge of the day – to seek out more hearts below:)

Dylan’s picture was a little more literal

So many lakes in northern Manitoba and Ontario and Quebec

And each lake- a name
Beautiful sunset and full moon
Quebec City

In Quebec for the night and to Newfoundland tomorrow is the plan – weather dependant…

7 thoughts on “And we are off…

  1. Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary.
    Yes another adventure that you are both sharing
    Beautifully Together Just As you have done from the very beginning of your life together .
    Quebec City is a romantic place to be !
    My parents spent their honeymoon at the Chateau Frontenac a long time ago !!
    May God Bless you both and have a safe journey!
    From Victor and Louise Pappalardo.❤️❤️


    1. God keep you safe as you cross the great Atlantic and this is the first time that I am following one of your ferrying flights. Wondering whether you could shoot some video and post when you are landing and taking off at the various airfields. I always enjoy those scenes..


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