The unexpected last flight of the trip

The scenic Azores

Isaiah: The beautiful old colonial Azores islands. The islands of myths and legends even in the saga of Eric the Red mentions the islands deep in the Atlantic ocean which are believed to be the Azores. Mentioned in Greek, Irish, Norris, Arabic and Iberian seafaring tales- the islands would grow into mythical Islands. The Azores were even rumoured to be the Atlantis. However, the first settlement in the Azores was started much later and dates back to the 14th century, settled by the Portuguese. After spending a short time in these islands I would recommend anyone to pay a visit if one gets the opportunity.

The longest leg of the journey was luckily the smoothest flight of the trip – and may be one of the most interesting.

The active volcano, Cumbre Vieja on the island of Palma in the Canary Island

Flying over the active volcano of the Canary Islands and then finally spotting the continent of Africa.

Here we were greeted by the Moroccan and Saharan Desert. Later we found out that you can basically drive the entire coast of Morocco from Gibraltar and to where it meets Africa to Senegal

Sand storm

We also would later in this flight encounter the sand storms over Mauritania- where when we were 20 miles over the ocean we were still unable to see the water below and then coming into the largest city in Senegal, Dakar

Pink Lake – more salty than the Dead Sea

A fine dinner

But as the title of “travelling in the time of Covid” implies – things are always changing and with the outbreak of the new Omnicom variant in South Africa – a real speed bump has occurred in our travel plans. Getting back to Canada is getting tougher and tougher – as Canada continues to restrict African countries in southern and northern Africa and who are able to get back into Canada. This now includes even Egypt and Nigeria – and so we have decided that we would leave the plane in Senegal – with the hope that the Canadian restrictions will blow over in the next few weeks so Dylan will be able to fly back to Africa and complete the ferry trip to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

2 thoughts on “The unexpected last flight of the trip

  1. This global pandemic is unpredictable!!
    So when do you expect to be in Winnipeg ?
    I hope you won’t have to isolate as things are not clear even with the USA trans border rules changing .
    Avoid coming thru the USA on your way back !
    You may get stalled!
    Safe return


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