Best made plans…

Last night we spent the night in beautiful Quebec City ( the only fortified or walled city north of Mexico). We stayed in the historic district and were able to get the famous steak and fries before walking to check out the Chateau Frontenac

Chateau Frontenac

Today we are having to change our flight plan due to bad weather. We are unable to stay in Quebec City because of potential freezing rain and snow (icing and Grand Caravans don’t mix especially well as this plane has no de-icing equipment ). Our planned destination- St Johns is reporting 1/4 mile visibility due to fog. This seems to be a common trend this time of year in St. John’s. So the alternate that we picked is a small town of 6000 people in southwestern Newfoundland called Stephenville.

Today went almost without a hitch except for some potential icing where we had to do a climbing circuit to get above the clouds

Descending into Newfoundland
Plane parked for the night

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