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Flight over northern Australia

Initially when we began this ferry the plan was to – as the title of my blog suggests- north to south and back again- to go back to Dhaka and pick up a second caravan on floats and bring it to Australia. Unfortunately because of the delays in the first week – and because of…

The sights we are able to see !

Arriving into Darwin – just before the storm. The beautiful beaches of Darwin – which no one dare go – for you take your life into your own hands what with the salt water crocodiles, box jelly fish and stone fish!!!. We are here for the night and tomorrow we arrive in the final destination…

10000 feet flying through Asia

Flying for Life is heading south and departing Dhaka A map of Bangladesh which I actually should have included earlier – just to get an idea of the country (not to mention the small size of the country – in light of a population of 166 million people. To think of this – a country…


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